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Introduction to D3

September 08, 2016, September 08, 2016 | Comments

d3 web javascript html css

When surfing on the Internet, I am always fascinated by animated, interactive graphs, such as TheUpshot of New York Times and Information Graphics of Washington Post. As a die-hard coder,...

Build Jekyll Website from Scratch on Windows

August 25, 2016, August 29, 2016 | Comments

category: TECH
jekyll web

When I decided to open my own website with some basic functions, such as blogging, hosting GitHub projects, Jekyll comes as a natural choice to serve as a static site...

Differences between Markup and Markdown

March 15, 2016, March 15, 2016 | Comments

category: TECH
markdown markup web html

When my department starts to set up our own wiki web page and ask us to share information around it, I noticed we could create web pages or posts through...

Understand JSON - Part 3: Parse JSON with R

March 10, 2016, August 06, 2016 | Comments

category: TECH
json r web

Besides the native support of JavaScript to parse JSON string into object and other JavaScript Libraries’ efforts (see a comprehensive list from JSON although a little out-dated), there are also...

Understand JSON - Part 2: Parse JSON with JavaScript

February 08, 2016, March 09, 2016 | Comments

category: TECH
json javascript jquery

JSON is widely used in web application by reading data from a web server and display in a web page. With the popularity of web application and the amount of...

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