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First try of SAS Graph Engine - A SESUG Visualization Competition Attempt

November 10, 2017, November 10, 2017 | Comments


This year’s SESUG was again hosted at the home of SAS in Cary. This is my second time to go to this conference. Last time was 2012 and it was also in Cary. Just co-incidence!

Before going there, I find out there is a visualization competition sponsored by the conference and later during the conference, Barbara told me that was the first visualization competition in SESUG history. After some study of visualization in the past, especially in the area of D3, I think I can take this opportunity to try the graph function by SAS which I never tried before. Here is something I eventually came up:

alt text alt text alt text alt text

You can find the source from here.

I had a good time during the whole conference like my first time in 2012. I saved this as my footprint to SESUG although I didn’t win the competition.